Are you ready to buy a home? Are you getting married and ready to start a family? Are you ready to sell your home? No matter your reason why – buying or selling a home can be a difficult and stressful experience without the right advice. Home buyers in the Valencia and Los Angeles area who are new to real estate may be asking – what is a real estate transaction in California – and we are here to help at RJZ Law Group.

How Does a Real Estate Transaction Work?

To keep it simple – a real estate transaction – is the process when a seller puts their home up for sale and a buyer agrees to purchase that home. This process has several steps that you need to take before you take ownership of your new home or sell your current home, and in some cases, a real estate attorney can help you resolve any conflicts.

Here is a quick look at how the real estate transaction process works:

  • A home is listed by a seller and a pre-qualified buyer begins their search for a home.
  • The buyer makes an offer via a real estate agent.
  • The seller reviews the available offers and provides a counteroffer as needed until a purchase price is agreed upon. The date that the final counteroffer is accepted is known as the effective date of contract.
  • The buyer pays earnest money to a title company or real estate attorney.
  • A third-party appraisal and inspection are performed and any necessary repairs are made.
  • All contingencies are met and removed.
  • Closing documents are prepared by the title company or real estate attorney to transfer ownership of the home and documents are signed by the buyer and seller and notarized.

How Can a Real Estate Attorney Help with a Real Estate Transaction?

Real estate transactions can be complicated and it is not uncommon for disputes to come up in the middle of the process – and that is where RJZ Law Group can help. When there is a conflict in a real estate transaction the experience and knowledge of the RJZ Law Group can help you solve the conflict and protect your rights.

Here is a closer look at how a real estate attorney from the RJZ Law Group can help in a real estate transaction: 

  • Failure to Disclose – Are you having issues with the plumbing or foundation in your new home? Did the seller fail to disclose an existing issue with the property? This may qualify as a Failure to Disclose and we can help.
  • Property Zoning – Is there a question about how your new property is zoned? Commercial or residential? We can help you navigate the legal process to find a solution and protect your real estate interests.
  • Breach of Contract – Did the buyer or seller in the real estate transaction fail to hold up their end of the contract? This is a common issue in real estate law and one we are equipped to handle at RJZ Law Group.
  • Real Property Use and Rights – Do you have questions about trespassing, easements, boundary disputes or your rights as an owner? We can help resolve any disputes and help you understand your rights as a property owner.

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Families with a recent death in the family may want to know – how does California probate law work? We at RJZ Law Group are here to help and offer a free consultation and to provide a review of your matter by one of our Probate Attorneys. Contact the RJZ Law Group today for more information on California probate law, estate planning and family law! We practice probate and estate planning throughout Southern California in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Contra Costa County, and Ventura County.