Real Estate Litigation Attorney Located in Santa Clarita

Real estate transactions and real property rights are complicated, and disputes are common. Our attorneys have in-depth knowledge about real estate law in California. Whatever your role in the transaction or agreement, we can make sure your rights are protected and that you have the best chance of a satisfactory outcome in your case.

Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is one of the most common causes of real estate litigation. This type of case arises when one party fails to uphold the terms of a real estate contract. We handle breach of contract matters for residential and commercial property matters. If you believe you have been harmed because of a breach of real estate contract, our firm can help you understand your legal options and take the right action.

Failure to Disclose Defects

Another common cause of real estate litigation is the failure of the property’s seller to disclose specific defects. If you have purchased a property with undisclosed defects, we will help you determine whether legal action is necessary. We can also represent sellers who have been accused of failing to disclose known problems with a property.

Zoning Issues

Local government has the power to decide how specific tracts of land can be used. This is known as “zoning.” If you have a dispute related to zoning, we can help you protect your interests and work for the best possible outcome.

Real Property Use and Rights

Real property use can be impacted in several ways. Whether it’s some form of trespassing, boundary line dispute, easement rights, or ownership rights we can help resolve these disputes. Real property rights are some of life’s most valuable assets. Be you are protected with the Attorneys of Jackman Law Group.

If you are dealing with any concern related to real estate litigation, please contact Jackman Law Group today.